Mission statement:
The mission of the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce is to promote economic development, foster community relationships and advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Hales Corners business community. One of our primary goals is to continually work at increasing our tax base which, in turn, enhances our residential base and this makes for a great community for families to move here and support our business community.

About The Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce:
The Hales Corners Chamber of Chamber is a non-profit corporation, funded entirely by our membership, governed by a Board of Directors and staffed by Chamber volunteer professionals who dedicate each day to providing quality service to our member companies. Large or small, each member of the Chamber is important, and each member has needs that match the Chamber’s programmatic offerings. Smaller businesses want to grow, gain exposure, expand their networks, learn new skills and engage in a community of businesses that seek the same. Some businesses seek to engage in policy formation, meet with political leadership and generate new economic development activities. The Chamber is here to address each according to its needs.

Active membership is the best way to get the most from the Chamber. It is through participation at events, involvement as one of our more than 70 volunteers and gaining additional exposure through sponsorship opportunities that a member can maximize their experience.

But even if time does not permit active engagement, there is still great value to membership. A recent business study revealed that consumers are 68% more likely to purchase a good or service from a company belonging to a chamber. The Chamber’s searchable member directory on the website is popular, and dozens of consumers use our site to find quality businesses every day. With membership options costing less than a cup of coffee per day, the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce may well be your least expensive and cost effective business decision. Come be a part of this close knit business community.

History of Hales Corners:
Early pioneers settled in Hales Corners in 1837 and the business history for the Village of Hales Corners followed shortly after that when hotels, black smith shops, feed stores, grain elevators, a school house and a post office were built. By the late 1860s, the Hales Corners stock fair was a weekly gathering for farmers, business people and visitors to meet and trade their goods and services. The stock fair lasted until the late 1950s and, by this time, was usually held over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

By the 1930s, the business community in Hales Corners had organized the Businessman’s Association, which was comprised of car dealers, bankers, florists, grocers and civic-minded residents. The Association was an instrumental and an early advocate for Village incorporation and donated funds to make this a reality by 1952.

In 1969, Don Diven, a Village Trustee and local barber, further organized the business community and the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce was chartered. This group of over 100 businesses enthusiastically promoted business events well into the 1980s. However, due to changes in the local business community during the 1990s and into early 2000, activity in the Chamber of Commerce slowly declined.

It wasn't until 2003, after new business development was completed in the Village that Don Schwartz, a Village Trustee, and a group of business owners decided to organize with local community groups to promote the Village once again.

The Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce brings value by:

to halt the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s expansion plans for Highway 100 - an initiative that will negatively impact local businesses and residents for decades.

closely with Village government, community organization, and residents to facilitate further economic development and deeper community relationships.

Two village trustees are active on the Chamber board- a major factor in facilitating the 2008 Hales Corners Shopping Center Remodeling

a community aluminum can recycling partnership with the Whitnall School District and the Friends of Hales Corners Pool; both meet the School District’s new green policy requirements, and also raises funds for the Hales Corners Pool, a family destination available to all our residents.

In July 2009, your Chamber sponsored a fundraiser to financially assist Aly Dudek of Hales Corners in her quest to win the Gold medal in speed skating at the February 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

monthly networking events and socials at village businesses.

thousands of dollars annually to a spectacular Hales Corners July 4th fireworks celebration.

Teaming up
with the Village Health Department to promote H1N1 inoculations.

your Chamber works hard to educate local businesses on a variety of topics so that they have the latest tools and resources to thrive- an example of this is the Chamber’s presentation in Spring 2009 of a new Milwaukee County initiative to help businesses collect on bad checks.

Beginning in 2010 providing an annual $500 scholarship to a Whitnall High School graduating senior for college expenses.

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